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Education and training

We provide workshops, training and coaching on value network design, technology exploration, risk analysis and value-driven process design.


We provide free tools and guidelines for value network design, cash flow analysis, risk analysis and fraud scenario assessment.


In our approach to value engineering, value network design drives the digital transformation.


Sensitivity analysis in intellectual property rights clearing
In the music industry, rights clearing organizations represent musicians and producers. When music is played in public, a rights clearing
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Assessing the risk of telecommunication fraud
Telecommunication providers are subject to a large variety of frauds and have to assess the impact and likelihood of these
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Introducing sensor technology in an early warning system in the Port of Valencia
The Port of Valencia is considering to use sensor technology for an early warning system for emergencies. The early warning
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Community commerce for Penan community, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia
The Penan community in Long Lamai. Borneo, Malaysia, want to use a web shop to sell craft and visits of
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A business case for blockchain technology at Triodos Bank
  Triodos Bank has investigated the option to provide the IT infrastructure for an economy where companies pay with a
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