Friday, the 18th of january 2019, we presented at Noorderslag Eurosonic Groningen a blockchain demonstrator that we developed for BUMA/STEMRA and Sena, two Dutch collective right societies for music.

The demonstrator is about meta-data management of music by using blockchain technology (Hyperledger to be specific). For right societies, it is important to precisely know which creatives (artists, song and text writers) have contributed  to a particular music recording or work, so that they can pay the creatives the revenues they are entitled to. With our blockchain demonstrator, creatives can manage this meta-data by themselves, and right societies become the users of such data, instead of the maintainers as they are right now. This is due to used technology, namely blockchain, which requires no central parties anymore, but instead decentralises the administration to the creatives themselves. The clip below gives an overview of the system.

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