The Value Engineers Academy aims to support the e3value community by providing resources to help professionals get to grips with using the software tools designed to model and analyse e3value models.


With e3value, one can envision, design, evaluate, and assess innovative business models. The modeling technique and associated analyses are especially suitable for networked business models.
Nowadays, most businesses operate in complex networks of partners, collaborators, and customers.
The advent of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and blockchains, among others, create unique opportunities for businesses to collaborate and interact in order to produce value.
e3value helps you design and even quantify these opportunities.

To get started, have a look at some guides and tutorials.
Better yet, sign up for one of our workshops to get hands-on experience with the tools under the guidance of domain experts.
Still curious? Have a look at some recent examples of applied value-driven digital transformation given by The Value Engineers on the subject.