We offer workshops on value-driven digital transformation, business modeling, value-driven process design and value-driven enterprise architecture design.

Value-driven digital transformation (half-day workshop)

Learn how business modeling with e3value allows you to keep in control of your digital transformation. In this half-day course, we show how the Business Transformation Method works to explore new business opportunities, assess their profitability as well as their vulnerabilities and how we can mitigate them, and how this can be mapped to a business process and an enterprise architecture.
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Business modeling with e3value (full-day workshop)

Learn how to make a map of your entire value network, explore the possibilities of new technology, design executable business models, use the 3value software to compute profitability and assess sensitivity to commercial assumptions, and to automatically generate and assess vulnerabilities to fraud.

Learn about the difference between business models and process models, how to map a business model to process models, and how to extract business models from existing process models.

Value-driven enterprise architecture design (full-day workshop)

Learn how a business model can be used to identify requirements on an IT infrastructure and how this can be mapped to an enterprise architecture. Learn to analyze existing enterprise architecture on their suitability for a business model.


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