Jaap Gordijn & Roel Wieringa, The E3Value User Manual. TVE Press, 2021.

E3value is a language to build and analyze business models of your ecosystem. It has been successfully used to optimize business models for new technology in the music industry, electricity supply, banking, news, telecommunications, and internet service provisioning. This book  explains the language and shows how to analyze e3value on financial sustainability and risk.

Roel Wieringa & Jaap Gordijn. Digital Business Ecosystems: How to Create, Capture, and Deliver value in Value Networks. TVE Press, 2023.In the digital economy, organizations produce value in a network of stakeholders with whom they collaborate and/or compete. Digital business models describe how value is created and delivered in this network, and how players in the network capture revenue from this. This book provides guidelines for designing digital business models, illustrated with many case studies.