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Webinar on digital innovation in ecosyst...

On the 24th of September at 16:00 Amsterdam time (14:00 UTC) we present a 45-minute in which we give an overview of our tools and techniques for digital innovation. The core idea of our approach is that digital innovation is enabled by your ecosystem. We present our approach to ecosystem modeling and design and illustrate how […]

Wat is uw ecosysteem?

Nieuwe techniek is niet het probleem bij innovatie. Het kernprobleem van innovatie is het innoveren van de capabilities van uw bedrijf en van de struktuur van uw ecosysteem. Wat is uw ecosysteem? Hoe kunt u meer waarde uit uw ecosysteem creëren? Een overzicht van onze TEAM benadering is gepubliceerd in AG Connect. Zie de online […]

TVE Presentation at the IEEE 21st Confer...

Our paper “A Business Ecosystem Architecture Modeling Framework” was presented on the 16th of July at the IEEE 21st Conference on Business Informatics (CBI 2019) in Moscow. A slightly longer, and earlier, version of the paper is available here. Slides are available at slideshare. Please refer to this paper as R.J. Wieringa, W. Engelsman, J. […]

Chief minister of Sarawak, Malaysia rece...

August 8th, the book entitled “Value webs – Understanding e-Business innovation” was handed out to the chief minister of Sarawak by Jaap Gordijn. Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia. This is the result of the building a relationship with the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The goal of this collaboration is to roll-out e3value in […]

Book signing @ MySec 2018

Dr. Jaap Gordijn is an invited speaker at the 11th Malaysia Software Engineering conference.  His book, Value Webs: Understanding e-Business Innovation has just been launched in Malaysia with the University of Malaysia (UNIMAS) as a co-publisher. With this occasion, there will be a book signing session from 10.30AM to 11.00AM GMT+8 on Thursday, 9 August 2018 at […]

TVE at WebSci 2018

This Tuesday, Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of the World Wide Web – will give his Turing Lecture during the WebScience conference at the Vrije Universiteit. After the lecture, or anytime during the WebScience conference, stop by our stand for a chat about business models for the new generation of the Web. Or a […]

The Value Engineers co-organized the 12t...

At 26th and 27th of February, the 12th International Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontologies was held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL. The workshop, co-organized by The Value Engineers, attracted the world-wide researchers of the Business Model Ontology (BMO, Lausanne), the Resource Event Agent ontology (Michigan State university), the e3value ontology (VUA Amsterdam), and […]

Jaap Gordijn participates in a panel on ...

The Noorderslag festival in Groningen, NL organized a panel to discuss the consequences of blockchain technology in the music industry. As a result of Jaap’s longtime involvement in the music industry and intellectual property right societies, he participated in this panel. Here is a video of a short interview after the panel.