We small consulting projects of up to 6 person-months to develop business models and proof-of-concept prototypes of innovative technology. During the project, we

  • analyze your business strategy,
  • assess the technology that you intend to use, and
  • develop a business model for an innovative use of this technology.
  • We assess the commercial viability of the business model in the long run as well as
  • the financial risks that your company would run with this business model.

We have consulted with a diverse set of companies:

  • An IP clearance organization testing whether a blockchain would help them achieve a business goal (gaining trust with interested parties).
  • A bank testing whether blockchain could be useful to achieve their business goals (supporting an online currency).
  • A blockchain company trying to find a viable value proposition.
  • A car data trading company trying to translate its value proposition into a technical architecture.
  • A consultancy company assembling client solutions from a mashup of startups.

If you want to know more, please contact us at contact@thevalueengineers.nl.