New technologies like blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and cloud computing change the business landscape fast. These technologies create new business opportunities and make current business models obsolete.

However, new technology may increase complexity, and change is continuous. Information technology increases connectivity and may increase insecurity and vulnerability to online fraud.  Stakeholders expect agility. How to respond to this in a timely manner and keep in control of your business?

At The Value Engineers, we have the techniques to explore the commercial possibilities of new information technology, and the software tools to quickly compute profitability in different market scenarios, and to generate and assess possibilities of online fraud.

Our digital transformation method

  1. Envision the business potential of new information technology
    • Make a map your business network and explore what new services or products you could deliver with new technology, and what this would mean for your relationship with partners in your network
  2. Design a peer-to-peer business model
    • Design a peer-to-peer business model in which you specify who delivers what to whom and what they receive in return.
  3. Make market assumptions
    • Quantify the value of services and products delivered, make assumptions about the frequency of transactions, and estimate required investments.
  4. Do quantitative simulations of profitability and of vulnerability of fraud
    • Simulate different scenarios to compute profitability and assess sensitivity to your market assumptions. Automatically generate vulnerabilities to fraud, and rank them on severity. Revise your business model accordingly.
  5. Map to business processes and IT architecture
    • Once you are satisfied with your peer-to-peer business model, map this to your business processes and IT architecture.

 In a period of a few weeks, we can assess the potential of your company to adopt and exploit new information technology, as well as explore new ways of doing business with your current technology.

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