To innovate your business, innovate your ecosystem

Our vision is that digital innovation is enabled by your ecosystem.

The classical value chain has expanded into a network of suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, rule makers and infrastructure providers who cooperate and compete to deliver valuable products to the customer. Each contributes its capability to innovate. All share the cost and risk of innovation.

There is no strict hierarchical control in an ecosystem. However, there may be a dominators who extract so much value that other players find it hard to survive.  In these ecosystems, rules of good governance must create a level playing field. Ideally, players orchestrate their activities on a peer-to-peer basis to achieve agreed results.

To thrive and survive in today’s connected world, you need to understand your role in your ecosystem. You need to have a quantitative understanding of the value flows among all actors in your ecosystem. To define rules of good governance, you need to be able to simulate different scenarios and their impact on value creation and extraction.

We offer workshops, coaching and consulting in the use of tools and techniques for

  • Conceptual understanding your ecosystem
  • Scenario-based exploration of digital innovations
  • Quantitative assessment of impact of digital technology