To innovate your business, innovate your ecosystem

Each company is part of an ecosystem that not only contains shareholders but also customers and suppliers, their customers and suppliers, its competitors and partners, and more. Without this ecosystem, a company can produce nothing. What would Facebook be without their ecosystem of content providers, publishers, advertisers, payment providers, cloud providers, to name only a few? How could a bank function without the financial ecosystem? What would a car manufacturer be without its ecosystem? Think of the ecosystem on which your own company depends. How robust is it? How healthy is it?

To offer your value proposition, you need a healthy ecosystem. To make a business model for your value proposition, you should make a business model of your ecosystem. And to assess the health of your ecosystem, you should assess the distribution of benefits, costs, and risks over all stakeholders of that ecosystem.

We help you design a healthy ecosystem for your value proposition. We then assess the health of your ecosystem by estimating revenue streams, assessing robustness, and estimating risks. The ecosystem business model that we deliver have four parts:

  • A value proposition that describes your offering to customers;
  • The value creation logic you choose (value chain, service logic, platform logic)
  • A value network model that describes who is involved in producing this value proposition and what objects of value they exchange;
  • A profit-and-risk model that shows revenue flows and risks of stakeholders.

If the assessment shows that your ecosystem design is healthy, we help you operationalize this model in your IT infrastructure.

To learn more,  contact us at Our approach considers the interests of all stakeholders, quantifies profits as well as risks, and can be customized to include criteria for a circular economy.