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The e3value reference book

The e3value reference book [PDF]


Value Webs – Understanding e-Business Innovation by Jaap Gordijn and Hans Akkermans

Paperback available at and Amazon US/UK/DE/FR/ES/JP

Value webs are networks of enterprises and end users who jointly produce things of economic value. Well known examples are Spotify and Netflix but Amazon appears also to be a network once you open it up. Value webs use innovative technology to offer valuable propositions to their customers.
Value webs are, due to their complexity, difficult to understand. We present the e3value methodology to design, analyze and evaluate these value webs. Being a graphical approach, e3value can easily be understood by the management, business developers, and marketeers, but also rings a bell at IT people, hence e3value simplifies communication between business and IT. The e3value method was used successfully in the music industry, electricity supply, banking, news, telecommunication, and Internet service provisioning.

The Value Engineers (TVE) ( is the company for executive training and consultancy regarding the e3value methodology. TVE helps to design your value web from a business value perspective, while keeping in mind the underlying business process, IT, and associated risks.
TVE employs the key developers of e3value and therefore is your authoritative source.

Product description

The e3value method has been developed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Computer Science department) and the University of Twente (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science department). Other research groups work on the method too, or are teaching it, including the University of Tilburg, University of Stockholm, and the University of Malaysia. The e3value core developers published about 120 scientific papers and 8 PhD theses. The software for it has been developed by the VU and the UT. The method is taught at several international universities (University of Twente, NTNU Trondheim, University of Toronto). This book, used for undergraduate teaching, is now publicly available for free.

The e3value methodology has been applied by a number of practitioners (KPMG, The Netherlands, ECN, The Netherlands, SENA, The Netherlands, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, Fundacion Labein, Spain, IBERDROLA, Spain). The e3value methodology is positioned by Forrester Research as one of the two promising efforts on business modelling. The method is used in many research projects to develop networked business models; including EU funded projects (EC-DG RESEARCH FENIX, EC-IST EU-DEEP, EC-IST project Hydra, EC-IST project IT-AIDE, EC-DGTREN project, EC-IST Obelix, UE 2020 TREsPASS), and national funded projects (NWO VALUE-IT, NWO-COOP, NWO-VITAL).