To innovate your business, innovate your ecosystem

TVE is a spinoff of research done over the past two decades at the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente on business modeling of ecosystems. Our vision is that innovation is enabled by your ecosystem. It therefore requires a business model of your ecosystem.

Innovation is the successful introduction of new technology in an organization. It may consist of the successful introduction of new business models, products, business organization, processes, services, or enablers of customer experience. What makes all of these innovations technology is that they are new ways of achieving a goal.

The key insight of our approach is that innovation is enabled by your ecosystem. An innovation may change the customers, suppliers and partners you work with. It may change their customers and suppliers, and it will change the competitive landscape. It may require actions by rule makers such as government and standards organizations. And it will change your relationships with actors in your business ecosystem. Hence to be successful, innovation must be treated as the introduction of new technology in your ecosystem.

We focus on digital innovation with technologies like 3D printing, cloud, blockchain, machine learning, and IoT. Hence our mission is

Digital transformation of your ecosystem.

Use our tools and techniques

  • to understand your ecosystem,
  • to innovate with digital technology, and
  • to understand the implications of innovative digital technology for your ecosystem.