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Blockchain for managers


In the hype cycle, blockchain climbed the peak of inflated expectations, fallen in a deep through of disillusionment, and has now reached the slope of enlightenment. Successful applications have emerged and the costs and benefits of using blockchain have been clarified. But how do you find out whether there is a business case for blockchain in your company? What are the opportunities and risks?

This three-hour course explains blockchain and its applications for managers. We explain blockchain principles, review mature blockchain systems, and show how to design business models for blockchain applications and how to assess whether they are commercially viable.

12:00-15:00 UTC = 14:00-17:00 Berlin time (summertime)

13:00-16:00 UTC = 14:00-17:00 Berlin time (wintertime)

17:00-20:00 UTC = 1 pm – 4 pm Boston time  = 10 am – 1 pm Vancouver time


Product description

In this online three-hour course we explain the principles, applications, business modeling decisions and development approach for blockchain applications. We show that the business decisions are technology-independent but have  far-reaching impact on your ecosystem.We review the state of the art and illustrate our points with examples of successful and failed blockchain applications.

The course is targeted at managers and decision-makers.


  • Blockchain principles
  • Major blockchain implementation platforms
  • Applications of blockchain
  • Business modeling for blockchain
  • Development approach
  • Blockchain-supported ecosystems

Location: Online

Prerequisites: Experience in managing complex projects

Price: € 750 ex. VAT

Material: The price includes an online copy of the slides and a hardcopy of the e3value book.

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