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Business Ecosystem Strategy for CxOs

The COVID-19 crisis has shown the importance of business ecosystems for the survival and well-being of companies. To deliver value to your customers, you need to be part of a healthy ecosystem.

In this course we  show how a new value proposition translates into a new ecosystem design. We explain the structure of business ecosystems and the role of platforms and niche players. We show how to create business models for an ecosystem and assess these on profitability and risk. For a short preview, watch this video.

The training is hands-on using real-world cases. There is an opportunity to apply the material to your own case. The course is given online in two half-days. If you prefer to follow the course at adapted times, please contact us.

12:00-15:00 UTC = 14:00-17:00 Berlin time (summertime)

13:00-16:00 UTC = 14:00-17:00 Berlin time (wintertime)

17:00-20:00 UTC = 1 pm – 4 pm Boston time  = 10 am – 1 pm Vancouver time

Product description

Business Ecosystem Strategy for CxOs introduces you to the topic of strategic ecosystem design without using technical language. To assess the business potential of new technology, you need to focus on the value propositions that you can offer with this technology. And  to explore the potential revenue and risk of new value propositions, you have to explore the ecosystem of stakeholders needed to produce a value proposition.

In this course we explain the structure of business ecosystems, extended enterprises and platforms with many real-world examples ancient and modern. We show how to formulate a value proposition for the online economy, and how to map this to an ecosystem. We illustrate strategic ecosystem design with examples of stakeholder models and show how to assess commercial viability by analyzing revenue flows and risks.

Duration: 6 hours.


Part 1 (3 hours)

  1. Extended enterprises
  2. Ecosystems
  3. Platforms
  4. Business models

Part 2 (3 hours)

  1. Value proposition design
  2. Value creation logics
  3. Ecosystem modeling and design
  4. Value network modeling and design

Location: Online

Price: € 1000 ex. VAT

Material: A hardcopy of the slides and a hardcopy of the e3value book

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