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Teacher’s training for e3value

4-day course for certification of e3value teachers. Certified teachers can give courses on behalve of TVE.

Product description

This course trains teachers of TEAM and e3value. The training is concluded with an exam and successful candidates receive a certificate. Certified teachers can act as coach in our online courses and as teachers in our face-to-face courses. The course is given online in eight parts of 3 hours each.


Part 1: Developing innovative e-business ideas; value hierarchies

Part 2: Supervised practical work.

Part 3: Elementary value webs; Multi-actor webs; cases.

Part 4: Supervised practical work.

Part 5: Assessing economic viability; cases.

Part 6: Supervised practical work.

Part 7: Assessing economic viability; fraud assessment; cases.

Part 8: Supervised practical work.

Location: The course is given online.

Material: includes a handout, and the e3value book.

Please contact us if you want to follow this training.

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