Value-driven digital transformation workshop


Can we use blockchain to reduce our operating cost? How can we innovate our business with AI? Learn how to design innovative business models for new technology.

Time: 14:00 to 17:00

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New technologies like blockchains, big data, AI, and cloud computing create new business opportunities and make current business models obsolete. The digital transformation requires you to design new business models that incorporate the possibilities of new technology. In this workshop we treat the following topics.

  • We introduce the e3value technique to model new peer-to-peer business models, in which your business operates in an extended web of partner companies and customers.
  • We show how the e3value modeling software allow you to understand what services and products you can offer and how profitability depends on market assumptions.
  • New technology not only opens new business opportunities but also make create new vulnerabilities. We show how these can be explored and mitigated.
  • Finally, we illustrate how a peer-to-peer business model in e3value can be used to make decisions about supporting business processes and IT infrastructure.

For whom: IT managers, enterprise architects, business developers, entrepreneurs
What’s included: slides, a book on e3value, and catering. All prices exclude VAT.
Language: English
Prerequisite knowledge: None
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We take you beyond the hypes about new technology to get to their real business possibilities. Our course is based on 20 years of practice-based research in business modeling for new technologies.


  • From value chains to value networks. Digital innovation is an innovation of your digital business model, which is really a model of the value network required to offer your value proposition. Our value engineering approach.
  • E3value modeling of a value network: Hello world example.
  • Real-world examples.
  • Profitability and sensitivity analysis of e3value models.
  • Modeling the vulnerability of fraud in your value network.
  • From e3value models to process models.
  • Value engineering and enterprise architecture.
  • Small case study.
  • Wrap-up.



The center of development of the e3value method has been at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Computer Science department) and the University of Twente (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science department). Other research groups work on the method too, or are teaching it, including the University of Tilburg, University of Stockholm, and the University of Malaysia. The e3value core developers published about 120 scientific papers and 8 PhD theses. The software for it has been developed by the VU and the UT. A reference bookavailable, used for undergraduate teaching. The method is taught at several international universities (University of Twente, NTNU Trondheim, University of Toronto).

The e3value methodology has been applied by a number of practitioners (KPMG, The Netherlands, ECN, The Netherlands, SENA, The Netherlands, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, Fundacion Labein, Spain, IBERDROLA, Spain). The e3value methodology is positioned by Forrester Research as one of the two promising efforts on business modelling. The method is used in many research projects to develop networked business models; including EU funded projects (EC-DG RESEARCH FENIX, EC-IST EU-DEEP, EC-IST project Hydra, EC-IST project IT-AIDE, EC-DGTREN project, EC-IST Obelix, UE 2020 TREsPASS), and national funded projects (NWO VALUE-IT, NWO-COOP, NWO-VITAL).


Dr. Jaap Gordijn is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and has extensive experience in consultancy and business development. He is the Chief Executive Officer of TVE, leading sales and consultancy management. Email him at
Dan Ionita is a postdoc at the University of Twente, specializing in the analysis of online fraud. He is the Chief Technical officer of TVE, leading software development and technology management. Email him at
Prof. Dr. Roel Wieringa is Chair of Information Systems at the University of Twente. He has extensive experience working with companies to do solve practical problems using design research. He is Chief Operations Officer at TVE, leading research & development, and managing courses. E-mail him at