Business modelling for blockchain


Blockchain is set to be one of the biggest disruptive tech in decades. But what does that mean for your business?

Understand the underlying philosophy of distributed ledger and the opportunities it opens as well as the risks. But more importantly, explore new ways to design and assess innovative blockchain-driven business models.

Time: 10:00 to 16:00

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Blockchain technology promises to cut away intermediaries from business transactions. According to some, blockchain promises to be a bigger revolution for business and society than the internet. However, like all distributed systems, blockchain systems are hard to build, use, and maintain. And like all new technology, it comes with risks and uncertainties. 

This workshop will deepen your understanding of blockchain technology and what it means for modern business:

  • We explain the technical structure of blockchain systems and review the conditions under which it makes sense to use them.
  • We show how to make business models of blockchain applications and give you the opportunity to explore your own using open-source software. 
  • We clarify common misconceptions about blockchain systems and point out common pitfalls in blockchain projects.

The workshop is taught by a team with extensive experience in both academia and consulting.


For whom: IT managers, analysts, business developers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers.

What is included: Slides, a book on e3value, and catering.

Language: English.

Prerequisite knowledge: None.

More information: 0852 018 609 or


  1. Blockchain principles:
    • The blockchain as distributed ledger of transactions;
    • The blockchain as platform for smart contracting;
    • Examples systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Hyperledger Fabric;
    • Limitations of current blockchain systems.
  2. Do you need a blockchain? Blockchain applications and non-applications;
    • The role of decentralization, anonymity, and trust;
    • Coordination paradigms: Organizational hierarchies, trustless markets, and trustful networks;
    • Example applications;
    • Blockchain governance.
  3. Blockchain business models:
    • The e3value business modeling language;
    • Hands-on examples;
    • Example business models for blockchain systems.



The center of development of the e3value method has been at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Computer Science department) and the University of Twente (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science department). Other research groups work on the method too, or are teaching it, including the University of Tilburg, University of Stockholm, and the University of Malaysia. The e3value core developers published about 120 scientific papers and 8 PhD theses. The software for it has been developed by the VU and the UT. A reference bookavailable, used for undergraduate teaching. The method is taught at several international universities (University of Twente, NTNU Trondheim, University of Toronto).

The e3value methodology has been applied by a number of practitioners (KPMG, The Netherlands, ECN, The Netherlands, SENA, The Netherlands, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway, Fundacion Labein, Spain, IBERDROLA, Spain). The e3value methodology is positioned by Forrester Research as one of the two promising efforts on business modelling. The method is used in many research projects to develop networked business models; including EU funded projects (EC-DG RESEARCH FENIX, EC-IST EU-DEEP, EC-IST project Hydra, EC-IST project IT-AIDE, EC-DGTREN project, EC-IST Obelix, UE 2020 TREsPASS), and national funded projects (NWO VALUE-IT, NWO-COOP, NWO-VITAL).


Dr. Jaap Gordijn is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and has extensive experience in consultancy and business development. He is the Chief Executive Officer of TVE, leading sales and consultancy management. Email him at
Dan Ionita is a postdoc at the University of Twente, specializing in the analysis of online fraud. He is the Chief Technical officer of TVE, leading software development and technology management. Email him at
Prof. Dr. Roel Wieringa is Chair of Information Systems at the University of Twente. He has extensive experience working with companies to do solve practical problems using design research. He is Chief Operations Officer at TVE, leading research & development, and managing courses. E-mail him at