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A Business Model of the Netflix Ecosyste...

All companies, without exception, create value from their relationships with other business actors in their environment. Together with their competitors and with regulators who set the rules of the game, they form an ecosystem of economic actors that depend on each other to survive and thrive. In the online economy, ecosystems have become vast and […]

What is a Platform?

Every business wants to be a platform, because that is where the big money is to be made. But what are platforms? The literature contains a confusing variety of examples. Search engines, social networks, online marketplaces, operating systems, browsers, the statistical package R, real estate brokers, shopping malls, nightclubs, color TV’s, auto body frames, credit […]

How Gitlab Messed up its Governance

On the 23rd of October, Gitlab users received a message explaining that the Terms of Service were updated so that the enterprise edition of Gitlab would contain telemetry. In plain English, this means that Gitlab Inc. would collect unspecified data from how companies use their enterprise edition of Gitlab and might send it to third […]

What is Your Ecosystem? The Ecosystem Ar...

Product innovation usually causes a change in your ecosystem. When music became downloadable, this disrupted the market for CDs and DVDs and created a new ecosystem for downloadable music dominated by iTunes and Amazon. The current move from combustion engines to electric vehicles reconfigures the ecosystem of car manufacturers, as new suppliers become relevant for […]