We are a spinoff of the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente, started in 2017 by Jaap Gordijn, Roel Wieringa and Dan Ionita. Our team has a university background and extensive experience in projects at the interface of research and business.


Dr. Jaap Gordijn    

Business modeling and eco-system design, cloud computing

Prof. Dr. Roel Wieringa    

Eco-system design, Enterprise architectures, blockchain

Dr. Dan Ionita    

Business modeling, risk and security

Anna Bon MSc.    

ICT for developing countries, (ICT4D)

Fadime Kaya MSc.    

Peer-to-peer eco-systems and blockchain

Dr. João Moreira    

Internet of Things, Semantic Modeling

Ir. Wilco Engelsman    

Enterprise Architecture & governance