We provide two sets of tools for value engineering and risk analysis.

  • e3value is a stepwise approach to develop business models for networked value constellations. These constellations are networks of enterprises who offer something of economic value to end users. Networks consist of end users (the customers), suppliers, and the suppliers of these suppliers. There are two open-source tools which can be used to create and analyze e3value models:
      • The e3value editor is a Java tool which ca be used to create e3value model and run Net Value Flow analyses. This requires that you have the Java 9 runtime environment installed.
      • The e3tool is an open-source Java tool which also includes a fraud assessment module.
  • ArgueSecure is a set argumentation-based risk assessment tools aimed at documenting the rationale behind attacks identified and countermeasures selected as part of an informal, qualitative risk assessment. ArgueSecure has both online and offline versions.

We are currently working on developing on an online platform where all our tools will be accessible via a browser.