The e3value method is an easy graphical approach to explore, understand, and analyze eco-systems in which enterprises cooperate to satisfy needs of end-users.

Well know exampled of eco-systems are Google, Apple, Netflix, and Uber. Each enterprise participates on one or more eco-systems. Eco-systems include suppliers of the enterprise at least, but often it is useful to get a more comprehensive picture of the eco-system. For example, the Bitcoin as eco-system might be interesting to minimize the role of the central banks, but at the same is harmful because of its high electrical power consumption. A thorough eco-system analysis would reveal such flaws easily. In case of new business development, an e3value shows which parties are profitable.

It comes with extensive software tool support, many publications, and a user guide for everyone who wants to build an e3value of an eco-system.

The e3value book can be obtained as