Tools and Techniques for Digital innovation

In this 45-minute webinar we highlight our ecosystem architecture management framework TEAM and our technique to model ecosystems, e3value.

The core idea of our approach is that innovation is enabled by your ecosystem. It is enabled by changes in your suppliers, customers, competitors, and partners. It may require changes in rules, norms and standards, and it will change the relationships with other members of your ecosystem.

Starting from this insight, a business model for an innovation consists not only of a profit model, but also of a value proposition and a stakeholder proposition. We use TEAM

  1. to model the value proposition, stakeholder model, and profit model,
  2. to define ecosystem governance and
  3. to define a mapping from the business model to the required digital technology.

Within the TEAM approach, we use e3value to simulate financial scenarios in the ecosystem with different market assumptions. This way, digital innovation is firmly embedded in a solid ecosystem model and a viable business model.

The webinar presents these core ideas briefly and lists the workshops in which we take a deeper dive in our approach.

For whom: Entrepeneurs, decision makers, analysts

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: Free participation

Registration & schedule (Times indicated in UTC time): click here